All volunteer projects on Let Live Travel tours have been selected with much care, involving extensive on-location scouting, research, analysis, and direction from our International Development Specialist. When choosing Non-Profits to partner with and in what way we will provide aid, our primary requirements are:

-that they are mutually beneficial
-that they are locally founded and culturally appropriate
-that we avoid fostering a dependency in the host villages
-that we avoid creating a “them vs. us” mindset amongst volunteers

With these projects, we want to aid villages in need while simultaneously learning about their culture and celebrating their community strengths and skills. Volunteering with these local organizations is also a unique and intimate way to meet inspiring and dynamic locals!


FOR ADULTS - McLeod Ganj
We were excited to find an incredible NGO in the heart of the Himalayas, whose primary aim is to help Tibetan refugees adjust to their new life in India. Here we will host “Conversation Classes”. These are drop-in classes in which language learning occurs in a comfortable, realistic, and conversational setting.

FOR CHILDREN - Varanasi; Pushkar; Manali
Let Live Travel will be providing aid to a variety of small, non-profit educational programs. These after-school programs and government primary schools are eager for fresh voices to teach new subjects (such as English skills, learning about Canada, sports, etc.) and in much need of new school supplies and financial support.

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Community Development 

This internationally recognized NGO aims to provide a safe and caring environment for the street children of Delhi. We are excited to provide them with financial support in exchange for learning the truths of street living, and about the programs they are implementing to nurture these children's dreams and future.

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Environmental Conservation

Let Live Travel will be helping the staff of a non-profit company that sets out to preserve the Himalayan mountains. We will do our part by cleaning the beautiful mountain side of debris, and conducting surveys / collecting data to further develop the organization and increase funding. 

Our tours spend time at an organic farm & seed bank, gaining new knowledge through farm tours, teachings, and hands on experience. This NGO provides resources and educational programs for farmers across the globe. Along with financial aid, we also help by getting down and dirty in the mud - weeding, planting, seed sorting, etc. 

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Animal Conservation

Let Live Travel will be visiting a non-profit animal hospital and rescue centre. Our aim is to build awareness, and provide assistance with daily tasks and finances.

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