How To choose
Global Volunteer Projects

Giving your time and energy to charities while traveling abroad is a terrific thing, but don’t forget that researching the organizations and aid you will be providing is all part of the giving process! When working in foreign cultures, and in societies where poverty is the norm and not the exception, good intentions can sometimes turn sour if they are not done right. So how do you give the right way? We recommend asking yourself the following when choosing your international volunteer projects:

  • Is the organization and project culturally appropriate?
    The safest bet is to stick with organizations that are locally founded. Locals know their culture best, and usually have the greatest understanding of what their people most need. As outsiders, it is very easy to overlook cultural/environmental details that may have a domino-effect for disaster, or to make faulty assumptions of what form of help a community requires.

  • Does this project or organization help develop an independent society?
    Is what your doing going to help a community develop the means to thrive independently? If yes, great! If not, it is often best to avoid projects that foster a dependency between the non-profit and the community, as this is most likely not sustainable.

  • Is what I’m doing mutually beneficial?
    We all want to encourage equality, not a dichotomy of ‘them vs. us’, or to feel as though we have paraded in as the “white savior”.
    A way to help steer clear of this is to ask: Does your contribution lean more towards a “feel good” project, or is it actually helping? And, just as importantly, does the community you’re helping have an opportunity to share their strengths, culture, and abilities in return?

And of course, providing aid abroad will be most effective (and most rewarding) when you spend time learning, absorbing, and embracing the culture. Celebrate their community strengths and skills - get to know both their challenges and their accomplishments!

Having the desire and drive to volunteer abroad shows that your heart is truly in the best place, and that is a beautiful thing! We encourage you to follow through with those feelings by researching and analyzing your contributions, and listening to and engaging with the local communities. Our global community will only grow stronger from here!

(Some of) Let Live Travel’s Past Contributions:


For Adults, in McLeod Ganj
We were excited to find an incredible NGO in the heart of the Himalayas, Learning and Ideas for Tibet, whose primary aim is to help Tibetan refugees adjust to their new life in India. Let Live Travel Tour Members helped host “Conversation Classes” - drop-in classes in which language learning occurs in a comfortable, realistic, and conversational setting.

For Children, in Pushkar and Manali
Let Live Travel provided aid to after-school programs and government primary schools, all eager for fresh voices to teach English, and in much need of basic school supplies.


 Community Development 

An internationally recognized NGO, Salaam Baalak Trust, aims to provide a safe and caring environment for the street children of Delhi. This organization provided Let Live Travel Tour Members a base understanding for common challenges in India and the value of their volunteer projects to come.


Environmental Conservation

Let Live Travel helped the staff of a non-profit company, Clean Himalaya, that sets out to preserve the Himalayan mountains. We provided aid by helping clean the beautiful mountain side of debris, and conducting surveys / collecting data to further develop the organization and increase funding. 

Our tour groups spent time at an organic farm & seed bank, Navdanya Biodiversity Farm, gaining new knowledge through farm tours, teachings, and hands on experience. This NGO provides resources and educational programs for farmers across India, and the globe! Along with financial aid, we also helped by getting down and dirty in the mud - weeding, planting, seed sorting, etc.