Legacy Tour!

It has been the most amazing and rewarding journey! And we will be sharing and celebrating our final Let Live Travel Tour this May, with a rad group of eager Tour Members! We could never say thank you enough to all have have been involved in the development of these tours, from Tour Members, to Sponsors, and Volunteers & Staff - you all rock. 

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Forever Love to our incredible Let Live Community <3

Travel Tips: Packing

Next up in our Travel Tips Series - Packing
Here are our Founder's '5 Rules Of Thumb' when packing for your backpacking adventure abroad! Summarized, they are: 

  1. Choose a Travel Backpack (Never a Suitcase)
  2. Pack Less (Much Less)
  3. Load Up Your First Aid Kit
  4. Make Copies of Important Documents
  5. Think Through Carry-On Essentials

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