Let Live Travel (LLT) is a non-profit tour company based out of Alberta, Canada. Let Live Travel ran adventure-volunteer tours throughout Northern India until May of 2018, when the final Let Live Legacy Tour took place. LLT Tours were designed for young adults with a thirst for adventuring in the great outdoors, experiencing new cultures, and connecting with our global community. The greatest aspect of the tours, however, was the design focus of sustainable, mindful travel.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide an alternative form of travel that will get young-adults hooked on experiencing and giving back to the global community.

Our Vision:

Our vision at Let Live is to better the world by changing the way we travel. We offer young-adults with a safer and more adventurous way to explore other cultures, while encouraging the provision of aid and respect the world over.

Our Values:

Respect and Harmony
Respecting the cultures we visit by refraining from enforcing our cultural values on them, but rather, embracing theirs. Respecting our destination countries by working in harmony with the locals and treating their environment with care. Respecting our employees and customers by honoring their values and comfort zones.

Being honest with customers and charitable villages by following through with our promises and claims to the best of our ability.

Ensuring that, regardless of potential gains and benefits, our employees and customers are as safe as possible given the circumstances. Safety is the priority.

Positive Growth
For our customers and staff, by showing them a new way of life - a more rewarding and altruistic way. For our charitable villages, by giving them the aid they need to move forward in a healthy and culturally appropriate manner.

Providing moments of pure joy, humour, and light in the lives of our customers, staff, and the villages we interact with.