Love, Thanks, and Changing Travel!

Although Let Live Travel will no longer be conducting tours,
we feel great pride in our contributions and relationships made in India,
and the positive impact Let Live Travel had on the lives of many.
We are incredibly thankful for the involvement of each and every one of you.
We deeply hope and trust that we have inspired you all to carry our mission forward:

To better the world by changing the way we travel.


- - - - Service Stories - - - -

A Memorable Moment with
Learning and Ideas for Tibet (LIT), 2017:

Walking in to a buzzing room of over 25 Tibetan Refugees, our LLT group spread out, diving in to teaching English in a comfortable and realistic setting: through conversation. The conversation topic of the day was “Birthdays”. Much laughter arose when we quickly learnt that traditionally Tibetans do not celebrate birthdays, or even know their date of birth! The conversation quickly turned from birthdays to Tibetan culture, naturally progressing to the Chinese invasion in Tibet, and their personal stories of escape. Laughter turned to curiosity, and curiosity turned to tears. We all left with a deep thirst to learn more
and do more.

“It is so valuable to have native English speakers teach and inspire our students. Volunteers rarely come our way, and our staff never get a break! We are truly grateful for Let Live Travel.”
-Manali Government Primary School, 2018

“The contribution from Let Live Travel is invaluable as they join us in our clean ups, which - because there is a stigma attached to handling garbage - lends a dignity to our work and energizes our workers. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of this moral support to us.” -The Clean Himalaya Society, 2015

A Memorable Moment with
Clean Himalaya Society, 2016

While the Let Live crew was on garbage pick-up, a baffled young local approached us, asking why we would be doing such a silly and disgusting thing. We quickly explained the importance of keeping our planet clean, and how we can all do our part. Wide-eyed and truly shocked by our answer, the boy picked up a bag and joined our efforts.The next day, we spotted this young child handing out bags to his friends and family as they set out to clean and teach their community.  


- - - - Tour Members - - - -

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- - - - Numbers & details - - - -


Some of our Fave Gives:

- 1 Year of Rent for a Tibetan Refugee Learning Centre
- 1 Year of Medical Care
for 12 Street Children
Financial Resources to Reunite 6 Lost Children with their Families
- 1 Year of Basic School Supplies
for 3 Rural Schools
-26 Pairs of Work-Safe Footwear
for Staff of a Waste Management NGO

And of course, Some Stats:

Let Live Travel’s Total Contributions
in India, March 2013 - June 2018:

  • Number of Volunteer Hours Donated:
    560, with 19 Total Volunteers

  • Number of Indian Charities Assisted:
    16 Charities,
    in Community Development; Education; and Animal & Environmental Conservation

  • Financial Donations to Indian charities:

To better the world by changing the way we travel.